Dear Friends of Teens of Victory and Kids of Victory,

Summer is officially here. What are normally our final weeks of preparation for Kids of Victory Camps have come to a halt. As you may have read, we have canceled our annual KOV Breakfast of Champions. We made that decision due to several of our camp leaders recently contracting the Coronavirus. Thankfully, not one of them has a severe case. We are taking every precaution for our leaders, campers and volunteers.

Despite the fact that virtually every person that we believe to be at risk, should be clear of their time of being contagious by the beginning of Teens of Victory and Kids of Victory, we believe we must cancel our 2020 camp season. We have consulted medical professionals, the Southgate Church leadership team and spent much time in prayer over this decision.

We want to protect those that we love, and we love our campers more than we love having the camp. We love our leaders more than we love what they do. These decisions grieve us to no end, but we believe they are the right course of action.

I am personally sorry for this inconvenience and for the disappointment that will come with this decision. I am truly saddened by this turn of events. We simply don’t want to make it worse by bringing children to camp and then being the cause of any harm where they are concerned. We’re trying to do the loving and wise thing.

Over the next couple of days, we will be filling you in on financial refunds and future plans for camp and our under-construction gym.

We apologize for inconvenience and pain stemming from this decision. We love and pray for
you often.


Harry Schroeder